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Why a mug is not just a mug

I would like to introduce you to a “The no-so-official 100 ways to use a Coffee Mug”.
Here are the first 10. Every week I would add more. The idea is to think out side the box. Re-vamp a traditional product that would offer you thousands of possibilities to market your brand.
Email your own ideas and we would add them to our list.

1. It’s reusable packaging for any product that will fit inside (reuse as a coffee mug or desk caddy).
2. It’s a memo (imprint with important company dates, announcements, etc.).
3. It’s a shirt box (stuff with an imprinted T-shirt).
4. It’s a computer disk case (insert a mini-CD or DVD, or shrink-wrap to the bottom).
5. It’s a planter (put a layer of small rock or gravel in the bottom first for drainage).
6. It’s a candle (these are available in the industry).
7. It’s a calendar (imprint a calendar on one side, company message on the other).
8. It’s a desk caddy (fill with imprinted pens, pencils, small ruler, letter opener, etc.).
9. It’s a candy dispenser (fill with candy…duh!).
10. It’s a unique invitation (imprint invitation on side – another twist: require that they bring the invitation with them to the event).

Feel like need a coffee mug?Talk to us!

Have a coffee & enjoy your day!