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Alto Marketing was founded by Barbara Peisajovich who noticed that not many companies offer promotional marketing. That’s a combination of Promotional Products and marketing that shows how to really market with promo items. After almost 20 years of working in Marketing for different companies, she gathered enough experience to start serving her colleagues.

At Alto marketing we strive to give you not only a great product, but offering you a great experience so we become your partner. Our services are turnkey and our main goal is to SAVE you time. What does turnkey mean? Means that we do the research, we could create the artwork, we could print collateral materials and we deliver to one or more addresses. You tell us what you need and we provide for you.

We are fully committed to offer you a unique research service that would free you from going thru catalogue pages during hours. Other services we offer, includes brainstorming meetings. You can’t be on top of your industry and on top of what is going on in the promotional product industry -and believe me it is a lot- so we share that knowledge with you. We really are passionate about promotions and we think differently, we go beyond the catalogues. We can create products from just a hand draw or we can create a multi-level campaign.

Remember, we want to help you to create promotional marketing that works for your company. Just call us and see.



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