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Top 11 reasons

Why add Promotional Products to your marketing mix One of our main goals back then, as well as today, was to be noticed by our customers. With time, we have come to see the differences between mass marketing and niche marketing. Mass marketers target a large crowd of people that aren’t necessarily related to their issue. Niche marketers aim towards a smaller group of people that are directly affected by their matter. But in all this, we lack originality and know-how in attracting the attention we desire. So, why not integrate your promotional ideas and use it to your advantage? Be original, daring, and stand out! Using social networks and resources can help you if you’re trying to launch a product or business in many ways. Here are eleven reasons why you should incorporate promotional products into your marketing mix: 1) Promotional products will help you get your brand in the hands of new consumers. When visiting exhibitions, buy and sell shows, customers are known to be unprejudiced to new businesses. Make them remember your company after the show with a promo gift carrying your message. When your services are needed, your contact information will already be at the tip of their fingers. 2) Promotional products will keep your active clients loyal Sometimes there are long periods of time in which we lose contact with our customers. A business gift will keep your brand present. At the same time, it’s a way to say thank you for your business. The promo item will assist in keeping your business name unsullied and applicable. 3) Corporate Gifts demonstrate that your corporation cares. It should not be a relationship with no return. Make it obvious that you appreciate them. This approach will be seen as appreciation and therefore, increase the reliability of your business. 4) Promotional products provide long lasting impressions. Nothing but a slight echo of your brand through passive messages habitually works. If your customer uses your key chain every day, or writes with your pen, you can be sure that the brand awareness has increased. 5) Promotional items demonstrate your company’s initiative. Today, there are so many products and options available. With some creativity, your consumers will be amused for hours. Cleverness is a great quality to possess. Promotional goods allow practical advertising at home or at work. 6) Corporate gifts have to be part of your marketing strategy. Don’t dump the seductive, fashionable marketing campaigns, but use all the instruments that are available to you! Incorporating corporate gifts to your marketing gift is a great way to stay in touch at a low cost. 7) Promotional items are cost-efficient. They are also helpful, which is a bonus point! You obtain so much exposure, and the opportunity to see is outstanding! Take advantage of the amazing importance promotional items will give you! One of the main advantages of Promo items is that you can track the return on the investment. 8) Promotional product allows for crisp messages to be advertised. If your prospects forget where they’ve placed your brochure by the time they want to contact you, all they have to do is look at your business gifts. The more they do, the more they will remember. 9) A useful promotion campaign can increase sales. When you give a corporate gift you build up the relationship with your clients and prospects. For example, if your company gives a business gift that stays relevant in the industrial world, appreciation and identification will take the chair, increasing the return on investments statistics. 10) Most importantly, promotional gifts can demonstrate your fun side. Sometimes a creative promotional campaign will bring some good feeling to customers. Business should not be serious at all times. From time to time, having a neat and cute promo item can create a very good long lasting impression. 11) Always use a Promotional Professional to help you decide which products will be helpful for you. A professional knows the market and the different alternatives that will suite your needs.

How to Organize Trade Show booths

Simple ideas to save time and get organized.

I don’t know about you, I used to find organizing our company’s trade show really time consuming. I had so many things on my to-do list that it always ended up with a last minute rush. Until I learned how to avoid it, that is.

You can organize a trade show and avoid the stress. Let me tell you how I did it. The first thing you need to do is to understand exhibiting basics. Whether this is the first time you are organizing a trade show booth, or you have a few under your belt, these tips will be invaluable.

Tackle the problems when it first arrives. Open the exhibitor kit and go over it. Check out the Quick fact sheet, or whatever its name may be, for a summary of all the super important information.  Grab your Calendar and mark down all the deadlines. Here is my secret: I always marked 2 days before the actual deadline.  Remember to always book before the discount deadline. That will save you money! Be careful: not all services have the same deadline, check each one!

Create a list with all the elements you need to organize your booth. If you’re exhibiting at a couple of trade shows a year, this will save you tons of time. My list had a few rows with the following categories: carpet for the booth, electricity for the booth, furniture (you could have one per item needed), marketing material to promote at trade shows, hotel, tickets, etc. The next column had deadlines – again as a reminder – provider, provider contact number, cost, and last column, done or not done. You see, I had all the important information in one list ready to take with me to the show.

Another important point in organizing your trade show booth is to look at the location and storage space inside the trade show. Always check where your direct competitors are located. Sometimes at trade-only shows, it is almost impossible not to be next to a competitor, but if you can put your booth further, it is better. If you would like to change the location, call the show organizer as soon as possible. As for storage, most companies use under the table and behind curtains. Some organizers may offer additional storage space outside the floor, if needed. Keep your space in mind when preparing collaterals and promotional products to ship.

Organizing your trade show booth can be easy, as long as you plan ahead of time. Create templates that will help for your next event. When I was in charge of trade shows, I had templates and lists that I used over and over. It took some time to create them the first time, but when it was time to organize a trade show or table-top, I pulled the list and exhibitor material and everything was already organized.

One last idea, if your trade show is abroad, make sure you have the proper documents. I will talk more about this another time. For now, remember to have all the documents ready following all the specifications for crossing the border. If you have questions, do talk to your shipper.

Exhibiting at a trade show without stress is possible, if you organize the tasks and get your promotional material and collateral in advance.

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Selling with the Scouts

What I’ve learnt from the Scouts and what you can apply to your business

A few weeks ago, I went with my son and his Scout group to sell popcorn. The table was set up near the entrance of a grocery store in our neighbourhood. I stayed there for 2 hours. I believe those kids taught me more than any 2-hour course. Here is some of what I’ve learnt

Keep asking in different ways: They never gave up. They first asked if people wanted butter popcorn; if the customer said no, they moved to chocolate popcorn. However, if there was no sale, they asked for a donation to help them raise money. In the end, we made almost as much in donations as with the product. Are you following up? Are you offering an easy entry level? In their case, it was the donation. Do you ask enough questions? Sometimes asking enables us to learn more about the customer and gives us the possibility for another option.

Show your favorite but do not stick to it: Following the same concept, naturally, each kid took the product that was the most appealing to him/her. However, as soon as the customer showed no interest, they would propose that the customer come closer to the table where all the varieties were on offer. Do you always show all your available products? Is your offering displayed in a catalogue? If not, create a flip catalogue or use Pinterest to display product pictures.

Identify your team: In order to be at the stand, the kids must wear their uniform. There were also posters hanging next to the table. How did this benefit the event? As soon as the clients were walking toward the entrance, they knew something was happening there. Of course, the Scout Canada brand is easy to recognize anyway, it delivers anticipation. Is your company easy to identify? When participating at event, is it easy for your customers to find you? Some executives don’t like to wear uniforms, however, a name badge or a lanyard with a logo should be present at any event when you are representing your company.

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Most commonly owned

Do you know which promo item is the most commonly owned?

Check it out.

The most commonly owned promotional products among all respondents were writing instruments (54%) followed by shirts (45%) and caps (31%).

Items Owned
Writing Instruments 54%
Shirts 45%
Caps 31%
Bags 29%
Glassware/Ceramics 23%
Desk/Office/Business Accessories 17%
Calendars 17%
Other Wearables 4%
Recognition-Jewelry 3%
Recognition-Awards 3%
Other 26%

“Research provided by the Advertising Specialty Institute, Copyright ©2008, All Rights Reserved.”