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Best Iphone Apps for teleworking

Why you need an iPhone.

As a business owner, you dream of having more free time, more flexibility and running your business from the comfort of …. well, any place you could be; your home, the hotel room, the bar on the beach. iPhone made our dreams come true.

You know that your iPhone – or most Smartphones – can help you remotely run your business. But are you taking advantage of it? I only started a few months ago and this was by accident. Last May, I had an operation that was to keep me for at least 3 weeks with crutches, and most of the time lying in bed or on the couch. My iPad became my business partner.

Let me share with you what happened. I couldn’t stop talking to clients, prospects or suppliers for this long. So I converted my iPad into the best business tool I could ever dreamt of. Fast forward a few months, I have got rid of my Black berry and got my new iPhone. And do you know what? I have converted the iPhone into another business partner.

Here are my best must-have apps for your iPhone, AKA Business Partner.

iMovie: create short videos, fast and efficiently.

SocialCam: Capture, share and view videos. Ideal for creating movies for your website.

WordPress: obviously, if your blog or website uses it.

LogMe in: The best tool ever! And it’s free! It allows you to access your computer remotely. You must install the software on your computer and leave it open (locked) in order to use it. I use it while on vacation, and during my 3 weeks in bed.

Skype: really, do I need to explain this one?

Dropbox: Not sure how I Iived before Dropbox. No more USB keys in my bag.

Grafio Lite: To create beautiful diagrams to explain ideas, flow charts, mind maps and more

Mobile OCR: Scan text and convert it into a regular text

Noteshelf or Penultimate: to write notes on your iPhone

Myfax: online faxes sent directly to your iPhone. Choose the plan that works best for you.

Type on PDF: I can add notes on PDF documents, highlight text and send to another app, print or email.

Slideshark: View and share Powerpoint presentation. This is the one I use on my iPad each time I visit a client.

Keynote: Create presentations on you iPad or iPhone. This is not a free app.

Of course, all the social media apps: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, Pinterest, Linkedin and more. Do I need to tell you why I use them?

Share with me your favorite apps. Try these ones and leave me a comment.


10 Rules for a successful Trade Show

I’m sure you’ve read these ideas here and there. I’m also sure you’ve discussed some of them with your team or boss before going to the show. Sometimes, it is good to put them all together in one place and review the basics.

1- Stand up straight: Chairs are allowed at the booth as long as only your customers use them. A sales team seating at the booth looks lazy and unprofessional: you get the idea.

2 -No eating, drinking or chewing. Do I really need to tell you why? You want a neat, clean booth and your mouth empty when the prospect stops by.

3 -Say something positive or don’t say anything: Don’t criticize your competitor or other staff members. No one likes gossips (at least, not in a business environment)

4- No peddler, please. Don’t go to other booths to see what you could get for free.

5- Teamwork pays off. Before the show, talk to your team. Be sure you are all on the same page to get the most out of the event.

6- Add prompts at your booth. You want to attract more clients? Make your booth different. Use promotional products to attract leads, use retractable banners to showcase your product or message.

7- Take turns: everybody needs a break. Standing for long hours is exhausting. Everyone needs a break, to seat, eat and refresh. Take your breaks during the low traffic hours if possible.

8- Listen, listen then talk. Every sales person knows this. Not sure how many actually remember: let your prospect do the talking.

9- Keep it clean and organized. It is easy to work on a booth when things are in place. It’s nice to visit a booth that is clean and neat. Talk to your team about it.

10- Good night. Most shows are longer than a day. After the show, take time to have a nice meal, relax and enjoy the evening. I know, the show finished and you run to your smartphone and start answering emails. Before you know it, it’s 2am and you haven’t had dinner. You need to recharge for the next day. Just commit to rest, so you are fully energized the next day.

I hope you have a great show. Share your ideas and tips with us. We love to hear from you.