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How Direct Marketing could increase your bottom line?

The advantages of direct mail advertising are well established. Through direct mail marketing, you can target the specific consumers most likely to want or need the products or services you offer, generating a much better return than if you run a broad-based ad campaign. With direct mail you can customize a message in order to address consumers by name and specifically respond to their wants and needs. When you speak to people in such a direct way, they are more likely to respond by giving you their business.

Direct mail also offers a great deal of flexibility. You can choose to send your message on a postcard or in a brochure, whatever works best to convey your message. Unlike radio or newspaper advertising, direct mail marketing puts your message directly in the hands of consumers, allowing you to make more of an impression. Finally, the results of direct mail marketing are easily measurable. When you send out a direct mail flyer or coupon, you can track the number of inquiries you receive or how many coupons get redeemed, enabling you to see the effectiveness of your efforts and to help you target future efforts.

As a business owner, you can further increase your direct mail marketing response rates by using promotional products. The use of promotional products in conjunction with a sales letter, for example, can make a significant difference. A 1992 study by Silver Marketing Group demonstrated that the inclusion of a promotional product in a direct mail promotion increased the response rate by 50 percent. The use of a promotional product as an incentive to respond generated four times as many responses as a sales letter alone.

Including promotional products as an incentive in your direct mail marketing efforts offers an affordable way to increase your response rates. The Silver Marketing Group study showed that the use of a promotional product as an incentive to respond reduced the cost per response by two-thirds.

The reasons that promotional products in direct mail marketing are so effective are many. First, people are less likely to throw out a direct mail piece that includes something of value and are more likely to respond owing to a sense of gratitude at being given a gift. Second, the promotional product helps build your brand. By giving the recipient a product, such as a pen or a calendar that they will use over time, something that features your company’s name and logo, you are essentially giving the recipient something that they will find useful and that also offers a continual reminder of your business. Finally, because the returns on promotional products are so great, the overall cost to your business are relatively low, especially when compared to other forms of advertising.

The most effective way to use promotional products is to offer an incentive. While the typical rate of response for a sales letter is under two percent and the response rate for a letter that includes the promotional product is about 2.7 percent, the response rate for a letter with the offer of a promotional product as an incentive is 7.3 percent.

This clearly shows that incentives work. Have you considered what promotional materials could do for your business?