10 more uses for a Mug

We are still in “mugmood”, so here is the second part of our “mugletter” Ready to read more unconventional ideas on how to present or use a classical coffee mug? We put together a list of 100+ uses, some from our team, some from colleagues, friends and partners. Here are the next 10. Want to review the previous ideas? Check them online. 11. It’s a presentation container (insert client’s product). 12. It’s an award (imprint with achievement – consider gold imprint). 13. It’s an enhancer (adds perceived value to whatever you put inside). 14. It’s a thank you gift (wrap in cellophane and clinch with a ribbon at the top). 15. It’s a tool box (insert mini-screwdrivers, a mini-flashlight, a tape measurer, etc.). 16. It’s a first-aid kit (insert bandages, headache medicine, etc.). 17. It’s a hangover kit (insert headache medicine, ear plugs, phone number for AA, etc.) 18. It’s a watch case (insert an imprinted wristwatch). 19. It’s a coaster set (insert cork or disposable coasters). 20. It’s a cold-recovery kit, AKA “get yourself back to work” kit (imprint with good wishes, fill with chicken soup mix, a thermometer, cold medicine, etc.).

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